In a fragmented, multi-screen world, one needs to follow the consumer wherever and whenever video is being consumed. Our multi-screen capabilities allow content owners and advertisers to do just that. Though the video marketplace has become increasingly complex, content owners and aggregator’s ultimate goals remain unchanged—to reach their brand’s targeted consumers and achieve a given outcome. At Mercuri, we deliver desired outcomes using a screen-specific approach that enables the optimization of reach and performance seamlessly across the entire video consumption landscape

Simply put, our multi screen digital pathway capabilities helps content owners and aggregators reach out to their target audience through these various simplest technology offering that works across all video screens. This immensely helps our content partners to monetize their audience base more effectively than ever before. 2012 is going to be an interesting year for Entertainment as companies work out plans to design content for the various platforms. Our company would stay focused on entertainment play on for multiscreens and be governed by four key factors:

Personalization - this device is mine and I do what I want on it;

Interactivity - the only screen that allows me to be a part of and even change the content offering;

Location based - it's the screen on the move so where I am moving matters;

Community - when I'm being entertained I'd love to be connected with my friends and others who share my passions.

At this moment we are gearing up with lots of variety of premium content to offer consumers multiple options to choose from and then take a pick on what's really working.


Power the premium content from traditional broadcasters to multi screen platforms globally.

Mercuri’s “+91” services division is a multi-platform entertainment service that provides consumers one of the largest collections of premium Indian video content. This content has massive global appeal, but has until now lacked compelling, multi-platform global distribution in international markets outside of India.

Mercuri’s mission is to provide the Indian Diaspora present globally, the Indian entertainment, premium video content where, when and how they want to consume it. For content owners, Mercuri provides them an unprecedented global distribution platform that maximizes the reach and monetization potential of their premium content.

Mercuri represents the diversity of genres, tastes, languages, and regional flavors present in the rich cultural heritage of India by licensing premium content from some of the biggest movie studios and television broadcast companies from the country. Distributed over the Internet, Mercuri’s +91 instantly brings to your television premium entertainment in amazing quality. Content on Mercuri’s +91 includes dozens of live television channels covering news and entertainment, hundreds of hit Bollywood and regional movies, with first ever streaming in high-definition, and hundreds of independent films and selected premium videos from the archives.

Mercuri Media will expand in a phased manner on multiple consumer devices and new global markets. Consumers can currently get the +91 service through Mercuri’s high-definition set-top box. Mercuri is shortly launching on Tablets, Smart phones, iPad, iPhone, other Android supported devices, additional consumer devices including PC, Internet connected televisions, video gaming consoles, Internet connected Blue-ray players and others in the coming months. Mercuri subscribers will be able to enjoy the service on every new added device at no additional cost.

Geographically, Mercuri will continue its expansion into major global markets where the Diaspora is present catering to them in a significant way.

We provide our solutions and services through our executive offices in New York & Dubai besides our operational headquarters in India. We have additional sales representatives in a number of other countries.

To learn more about our various offerings and about how we can help you implement an addressable multi-screen campaign today, please reach us just now….