We help leading broadcast companies and content owners to source, refine, and distribute premium video content for global customers across multiple screens. Our content acquisition and distribution services division’s team principals have extensive experience in licensing a wide variety of rights from major media companies. Moreover, this experience has been in the capacity of a seller (licensor) and buyer (licensee.) In other words, we have experience on both sides of the negotiating table and have in-depth knowledge of the entertainment companies, their licensing executives, technical review process and expectations. With our knowledge and contacts, we can jump-start the acquisition process involving a wide range of content and rights.

Types of Rights

Video on Demand (VOD) Transactional service rights akin to rental rights where a viewer has access to a piece of content for specific time period.

Subscription Video on Demand (SVOD) A Subscription-based services where a viewer has unlimited access to a specific number of programs each month for a monthly fee.

Channel Affiliate/Carriage DealsLicense agreements with cable/satellite channels

Retransmission Consent Agreements For Cable, Telco and Satellite operators to carry signals of a local broadcaster requiring either an agreement with the local broadcaster

Download rightsThe right to offer content in a format that is downloaded to a device for playback

Streaming rights The right to offer content that is decoded by a device for playback, but is not stored on such device.

Download-to-Own (aka Digital Sell-thru) The right sell and allow consumers to purchase and have unlimited access to a piece of content in a digital format (not physical media) with associated DRM.

Portability The right permitting a piece of content to be moved or stored among multiple devices.

Multiple Platforms Rights required to deliver the content via two or more platforms, such as cable, satellite, IPTV, internet, mobile, Wi-Fi, etc.