Video can help bring unique, in-depth experiences directly to students in a highly interactive way, and can inspire them in ways that no other medium can. By bringing this amazing content to any device with an internet connection, Mercuri looks to redefine the education delivery mechanisms as this will be truly a platform that will help make this game changing experience available to a much broader audience.

Our Digital Classroom Solutions will improve productivity by delivering live and on-demand education and training that includes video, audio, and rich media live presentations to students anywhere, anytime around the world by the best trainers. Our interactive education solution is an innovation by our team and truly is a first & finest in the world for many reasons. The solution has been designed and developed keeping in mind the real class room. This is a boon for remote locations that are deprived of quality teachers and is a killer solution for Distance Education programs /Virtual Classrooms. As "Education" becomes a top priority across the world, over the last decade or so, many Government Organizations, Universities, Institutes and Private sector enterprises have invested heavily in creating suitable content. However, the progress on this front is hampered by factors that are essentially linked to education delivery and that too at an affordable cost. Standardization of delivery quality still remains an unrealized dream as there are not enough qualified and good teachers. Our solution helps deliver education over limited Internet Bandwidth that can be as low as 256 Kbps. Though the technology is low on Bandwidth consumption, it enables Real-time, Interactive, Remote education delivery. We sincerely believe that our technology solution will redefine the way education is imparted and this would be the future of education delivery mechanisms.